ETC Cooperative Q1 2021 Transparency Report

May 12, 2021

We’re excited to present you with this year’s First Quarter ECC Transparency Report. At the ETC Cooperative we believe transparency is paramount to groups and firms in the digital asset space. The ECC provides users with a vast amount of the organization's transparency by releasing quarterly reports and shorter monthly board packages.

Below we will provide an update on the ECC’s budget and financials, an overview of the major milestones achieved in Q1, and what we envision for Ethereum Classic in our 2021 Roadmap.

  • Published the 2020 ECC Retrospective plus the January and February Monthly Board Packages.
  • The budget will largely remain the same for 2021, with some funding provided for additional development support, especially given the rise in price; may possibly have the opportunity for to attend more conferences and hold meetups of our own.
  • The AGM (Annual General Meeting) was held in February; all board directors present.
  • The ECC supports the majority of the Keccak development for ETC and is part of the SHA3 Coalition.
  • Contracted developer, Antoine Toulme who has since added Keccak mining, and testnet support onto Hyperledger Besu and soon; Core-Geth.
  • Astor testnet has been live and can be accessed using Hyperledger Besu or even as a Docker container
  • Ansible infrastructure automation templates playbooks in progress
  • Ongoing collaboration with IOHK; Addressed our concerns regarding the ETC Treasury; plan on adding Keccak as well; both ECC and IOHK roadmaps very much aligned.
  • Several instructional guides on installing and running Besu including on Windows.
  • Afternoon Tea & ETC” live community calls with its relaxed, casual atmosphere; held every Tuesday; ideal for newcomers.
  • Currently tracking several key performance indicators, KPIs, with social media which are aimed at increasing growth, adoption, and user engagement.
  • 2021 Roadmap & 2021 Budget.

The ETC Cooperative has made great strides towards its goals and has already hit many milestones. Our report covers the budget and Q1 financials, as well as our roadmap including what we have planned for the Ethereum Classic project. Project Phoenix is the code name given to the plan we will use to successfully accomplish adding a Treasury, and new mining algorithm Keccak. We want to reduce as much risk as possible to prevent any contentious fracturing of the network or project itself.