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Outline of Bob Summerwill's Speech at ETHDenver 2023
March 13, 2023

You may watch Bob's presentation at ETHDenver here: Note: The microphone did not work the first few minutes so you may want to skip to minute 3:56. You may see the slides for Bob's presentation here: Cypherpunk Beginnings and the Case for Proof of…

Bob Summerwill在ETHDenver 2023的演讲大纲
March 13, 2023

您可以由此观看Bob在ETHDenver的演讲: 注:麦克风在前几分钟出了故障,可直接跳到3分56秒。 ETC合作社的执行董事Bob Summerwill是今年ETHDenver 2023的演讲者,这是世界上规模最大、运行时间最长的以太坊活动。该活动发生在2月24日至3月5日,Bob于上周五3日在CST上午9点,EST 11点,UTC 16小时在第7阶段发言。 Bob的演讲围绕工作量证明(PoW…

ETC Cooperative's Bob Summerwill Will Be Speaking Today at ETHDenver
March 6, 2023

Bob Summerwill, ETC Cooperative's Executive Director, will be speaking today at ETHDenver , the largest and longest running Ethereum event in the world, at 9 AM CST, 11 AM EST, 16 HRS UTC. Bob's talk will center around the argument for proof of work…