ETC Cooperative

Accelerating the growth of Ethereum Classic

The ETC Cooperative's Communications Plan
November 23, 2022

The ETC Cooperative announced this month the formation of our new communications team. The team's purpose is to support and promote Ethereum Classic as well as to keep the ecosystem informed about the ETC Cooperative's projects, finances, and…

November 23, 2022

ETC合作社本月宣布了 全新传播团队 的组建。该团队以支持和促进以太坊经典为目标,帮助生态系统了解ETC合作社的项目、财务及治理。 ETC合作社的使命是管理以太坊经典协议的开发,并支持围绕该协议的成熟生态系统成长。 我们将哈希率和用户增长定义为主要的长期量化目标,我们的目标受众群体是终端用户、开发人员和矿工。 ETC…

ETC Cooperative's Mission and Projects With Bob Summerwill
November 22, 2022

In this comprehensive interview with Bob Summerwill, Executive Director of the ETC Cooperative, we went over the current state of the ETC Cooperative with regards to its support for Ethereum Classic. You may watch our interview with Bob Summerwill…