ETC Cooperative

Accelerating the growth of Ethereum Classic

Staffing Changes
September 16, 2020

Stevan Lohja - Director of Developer Relations We are delighted to welcome Stevan to the ETC Cooperative. Stevan is an active member of the Ethereum Classic project, previously contributing to Ethereum Classic under ETCDEV, ETC Labs, and ETC Core…

ETC Network Security Plan
August 19, 2020

ETC Network Security Plan Security is paramount for Ethereum Classic. In response to the recent attacks against the network, we are developing a strategic and robust plan to carry ETC forward. As stewards of a public blockchain, we are determined to…

51% attack on ETC
August 2, 2020

What happened? Early in the morning of August 1st (North American time) a 51% attack occurred on the ETC mainnet. There was a 3600+ block reorg which also led to a chain-split. Miner 0x75d1e5477f1fdaad6e0e3d433ab69b08c482f14e released around 1…