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Pledge to the Ethereum Classic Community With Regard to the @eth_classic Twitter Account
February 1, 2023

Various community members have stated that they would like to see some official pledge from the ETC Cooperative with regard to the new @eth_classic Twitter account which is currently in possession of its executive director, Bob Summerwill . The…

February 1, 2023

许多社区成员表示,他们希望ETC合作社能就其执行董事 Bob Summerwill 拥有的新 @eth_classic 的推特账户做出一些官方承诺。 这种情况的背景是,之前使用相同名称的账号拥有60多万粉丝,但它由一家名为IOHK的公司的创始人 Charles Hoskinson 控制。在Hoskinson和ETC生态系统之间的冲突之后,该帐户在很长一段时间内保持不活跃状态,最终由Charles转移到他积极推动的另一个项目(Ergo…

The ETC Grants DAO Explained With Bob Summerwill
January 31, 2023

In this interview we spoke with Bob Summerwill to explain the newly launched ETC Grants DAO. You may watch our interview about the ETC grants DAO with Bob Summerwill here: This multimillion dollar grants DAO has been eagerly expected by the Ethereum…