The ETC Cooperative's Communications Plan

November 23, 2022

The ETC Cooperative announced this month the formation of our new communications team. The team's purpose is to support and promote Ethereum Classic as well as to keep the ecosystem informed about the ETC Cooperative's projects, finances, and governance.

The mission of the ETC Cooperative is to steward the development of the Ethereum Classic protocol and to support the growth of a mature ecosystem around that protocol.

We have defined hash rate and usership growth as our main long term quantifiable goals, and our target audiences are end users, developers, and miners.

ETC Cooperative's messaging about ETC will be promotional, selling the attributes of Ethereum Classic, while inviting the world to use it, developers to build on it, and miners to mine on it.

Our messaging will focus on the pillars of proof of work, fixed monetary policy, and programmability, as well as the core Code Is Law values of decentralization, immutability, censorship resistance, and permissionlessness

Contribution Into Community Platforms

Much of our output will be directed to the ETC community's online channels such as the community website, an ETC community YouTube channel that we created specifically for this purpose, and we will contribute original tweets to the Twitter Together GitHub flow for the @eth_classic and @etc_network twitter accounts.

All content pertaining to ETC Cooperative's announcements and activities will be posted on our blog, YouTube channel, and Twitter account.

The content units we will be producing for all channels will be in video, text, and live stream formats when applicable.

All activity directed to support Ethereum Classic or to communicate the ETC Cooperative's activities will be produced in English and Chinese initially and will be promoted on social media.

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