ETC Cooperative Q1 Package

May 26, 2022

We are pleased to share ETC Cooperative's Board Package for Q1.


  • Core-Geth development team are now funded by ETC Cooperative.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of Core-Geth and Hyperledger Besu.
  • Improved RPC endpoint support via Rivet plus our own CloudFlare caching, serving over 500M requests per month.
  • Mystique hard fork in February.
  • Publication of 2021 Retrospective, Budget and Roadmap.
  • AGM held in March.
  • Our $1.6M USD budget for 2022 is significantly higher than our actual spending of $483K for 2021, with a significant part of that spending being staffing costs, as we have grown (and will continue to grow) the team.
  • $250K has been budgeted for ecosystem grants during 2022.

Here are the previous reports covering 2021:

Also, see Filings page page which lists all of incorporation documents, resolutions, IRS filings and other transparency reports.