ETC Cooperative now funding Core-Geth

December 22, 2021

Starting in January 2022, development work on the Core-Geth client will be funded by the ETC Cooperative.

Isaac Ardis and Christos Ziogas have signed independent contractors agreements with the ETC Cooperative and will continue their work under the ETC Core banner. Diego López León, who joined the ETC Cooperative in September to work on the Hyperledger Besu client, will join the ETC Core team.

The combined team will support both clients, and are likely to take on additional projects over time. The recent narrow focus on just the Core-Geth client is not representative of the history of the team.

The ETC Core team was initially formed as ETC Labs Core in December 2018 with many of its developers having previously been part of the ETCDEV team which supported the Classic Geth client. As Classic Geth was retired they supported the Multi-Geth client prior to the birth of Core-Geth in 2020.

Many other projects took place under the ETC Core banner, including the Expedition block explorer, OpenRPC (now used for the Ethereum RPC specification), LLVM-EVM and the Jade suite.

The ETC Node Explorer was created in 2021 and is a critical piece of ETC infrastructure.

We are very pleased to welcome Isaac and Chris into the ETC Cooperative fold, and look forward to a productive 2022 together.