Kevin Lord joins ETC Cooperative

July 2, 2020

2nd July 2020 2019 – Vancouver, Canada – The ETC Cooperative today announced that Kevin Lord has joined the ETC Cooperative as its Community Manager.

Kevin has been involved with the ETC project from the early days, and worked as Community Manager at IOHK from December 2017 to June 2020.

He was a speaker at both ETC Summit 2018 and ETC Summit 2019:

Kevin is a regular guest on the ETC Show podcast.

My name is Kevin Lord, and I'm thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the ETC Cooperative as the new Community Manager. Though I'm excited to start my new journey, I'll first share a little about my background. I first heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency around 2011. A few years later I soon began learning more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I now have about seven incredible years of experience in the digital currency space and specialize in marketing and communications.

Before joining the Co-op, I was a volunteer contributor for the ETC project. There I created and managed much of the project's social media channels. I gravitated towards ETC after watching how "The DAO" smart contract exploit was handled by ETH core developers. They chose to bail out the Dapp’s investors and interest groups with a protocol level change. The DAO bailout reminded me of the 2008 financial crisis. I believe it was unethical and handled poorly.

After attending the first ETC Summit in 2017, as a volunteer, I was offered a job at IOHK by CEO, Charles Hoskinson. There I served as a Community Manager, overseeing various social media platforms. While there, I strived to accelerate community growth for projects like Ethereum Classic, Cardano, and the Symphony of Blockchains.

I'm excited to start my journey with the ETC Cooperative as the new Community Manager. One of my key areas of focus is to develop and execute awareness campaigns in order to improve the public's knowledge of ETC. Also, I'm eager to communicate ETC's core values and fundamentals, which many still don't seem to understand. I'm very passionate about the technology that Ethereum Classic is built on and believe that it will present countless opportunities for application across a variety of industries. - Kevin Lord