ETC Cooperative Website Relaunched

March 27, 2020

ETC Cooperative Website

We are happy to announce the relaunch of the ETC Cooperative's website -

This new website is part of the revamp of the ETC Cooperative's governance and transparency which was put in place at the Annual General Meeting held on 17th March 2020.

Here are some important new pages:

  • Roadmap - What are we working on?
  • Governance - How does ETC Coop work?
  • Filings - Regulatory filings and other public disclosures
  • People - Who are we?
  • Status - Will show status of all our hosted infrastructure

The previous website has temporarily been moved to but will be retired within the next month or so, after we have 100% completed the migration. We will remove all remaining references to that old WordPress site from within our own new website and from within which is undergoing its own reboot.

ETC Summit Website

The WordPress site will also be getting a similar reboot in the coming weeks, together with re-uploading of all the ETC Summit 2018 videos to YouTube. Those were hosted on Anthony Lusardi's personal channel and were deleted at some point. The originals are still in the ETC Cooperative Dropbox and will need to be re-uploaded. There are only a precious few videos from ETC Summit 2017.