Core Devs Call: ECIP-1078 Phoenix Upgrade

January 31, 2020

Talha Cross (@soc1c) has just arranged a Core Devs Call: ECIP-1078 Phoenix Upgrade on Wednesday February 5th at 4pm UTC for 60 minutes maximum.

That is 4pm in London, 5pm in Berlin, 11am in New York, 8am in San Francisco, and it is midnight in Shanghai.

As it stands the call will be happening on ETC Discord, but if we can find a more China-friendly platform (with easy recordings) then we should switch to that other platform for this call.

Donald MyIntyre has also blogged about this call on his etherplan website.

The agenda for the call is finalizing the plan for the ETC Phoenix hardfork mentioned in the ETC Cooperative blog post a few days ago, with two viable options left on the table:

  1. Activating ETC Phoenix on the Mordor and Kotti testnets slightly later than ETC Aztlán but on the same block as ETC Aztlán for ETC mainnet.   ETC Aztlán activated yesterday on the Mordor testnet and is due to activate in a week or so on Kotti.   This is the ETC Cooperative's recommendation.
  2. If it proves impossible or risky to active ETC Phoenix on the same block then we would Withdraw ETC Aztlán and not activate it on the ETC Mainnet.  Instead a replacement ECIP would be created.  A new Phoenix!   With the same scope but on a delayed timeline.

If you are interested in following alone with the ECIP process as this decision making unfolds, just watch the ECIPs repository, or join us on the #ecips channel on the ETC Discord server (if you are able to do so in your part of the world).

The ECIP discussion should be happening on Github, so we have a good permanent record and papertrail.  ETC Discord has no more official status than any other chat platform.

Best wishes!

Bob Summerwill, Executive Director, ETC Cooperative.