Bob Summerwill

Executive Director

Bob Summerwill is Executive Director for the ETC Cooperative, a community leader for the Ethereum Project, CTO and Co-Founder of Varro Technologies and Community Ambassador for CryptoChicks.  He has also been a community member of Hyperledger since 2006.

Bob has been programming since 1984 and a professional software engineer since 1996.  He started his blockchain journey in 2014 and he has been building bridges to enterprise and towards mainstream adoption since 2016.

Bob has made a public and ongoing full disclosure of all associations and financial relationships, to avoid any possible future accusation of conflict of interests or unethical financial conduct.

Yaz Khoury

Director of Developer Relations

Yaz is a very friendly, very people-oriented person, with a penchant for writing on Mars, AI, and of course, building DApps with ETC. We believe his passion for exploration, and natural ability to communicate makes him the perfect person to be ETC Cooperative’s Director of Developer Relations.

He will be supporting existing and new projects that use ETC, developing open source software & hardware engineering projects, and generally making ETC more accessible to developers and users alike.

Alison Alexis

Financial Controller

Alison is a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with 13 years of professional experience and will be driving a complete revamp of ETC Cooperative governance for 2020.  Alison spoke at ETC Summit 2018 on the Immutability panel.

Board of Directors

Barry Silbert

CEO of Digital Currency Group and one of ETC’s earliest proponents, most recently established the ECC.  Barry is also the CEO of Grayscale Investments, the sponsor of the Ethereum Classic Investment Trust.  Ideologically aligned with ETC, he has taken a very hands-off approach which has helped ETC to grow organically with its own direction.

Cody Burns

A pre-DAO fork Ethereum supporter and long term open source software advocate who deeply believes in ETC core philosophy’s. Cody is a professional enterprise blockchain architect and managing director of BC: Research and Development. He has worked across multiple industries with business leaders to deliver world scale blockchain, DLT, and digital identity solutions.

James Wo

A long time fan of ETC and is heavily involved in the blockchain space through his company Digital Finance Group. Based in Shanghai, China, DFG is a diversified business group that focuses on investing in and developing blockchain technologies and digital assets. Its business segments consist of angel investments, venture capital, private equity, strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions.


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