Update on ETC Phoenix Hardfork
February 28, 2020

TL;DR – Pending ETC hardfork is now “Phoenix”, targeting the same block, with slightly different scope. “Phoenix Day” is still tracking for early June. On Wednesday February 26th, the ETC Core Developers held a conference call in which the third…

ETC Cooperative support for switch of mining POW to Keccak256 proposal
February 10, 2020

In the aftermath of the 51% attacks against Ethereum Classic in January 2019, Alex Tsankov started digging into Ethash and quickly came to the conclusion that the “ASIC resistance” founding myth of Ethereum had led to a very complicated “machine…

Core Devs Call: ECIP-1078 Phoenix Upgrade
January 31, 2020

Talha Cross (@soc1c) has just arranged a Core Devs Call: ECIP-1078 Phoenix Upgrade on Wednesday February 5th at 4pm UTC for 60 minutes maximum. That is 4pm in London, 5pm in Berlin, 11am in New York, 8am in San Francisco, and it is midnight in…