Switch to Rivet
November 2, 2021

The ETC Cooperative has provided free public endpoints as a service to the ETC ecosystem since mid-2019. This essential public infrastructure allows wallets, dapps and other services to connect to a publicly accessible ETC node to query the…

Polls in favor of an Ethereum Classic Treasury
April 23, 2021

A recent 7-day poll conducted on Twitter showed 82.7% of 515 votes in favor of an Ethereum Classic Treasury to fund multiple independent core development teams and community grants 1 . Previous polls showed: ETC Telegram: 77% of 91 votes in…

ETC Cooperative January, February Board Package
April 6, 2021

We are pleased to share ETC Cooperative's Board Package for January and February . Overview: 2020 retrospective report. 2021 roadmapping and budgeting. 2021 AGM held. Keccak (Sha-3) progress. Astor testnet (released in March) Ongoing liaison with…