Core Geth Explained With ETC Core Developer Isaac Ardis

December 28, 2022

In this interview we talked to Isaac Ardis, who works for the ETC Cooperative as a core developer of the Ethereum Classic network and is responsible for Core Geth, the main ETC software client.

You may watch our interview with Isaac Ardis here:

The topics we covered where the following:

  1. The difference between a network, a blockchain, and a cryptocurrency.
  2. The difference between software and protocols.
  3. The difference between software clients and software servers and if they have distinct roles in ETC.
  4. What are EVM blockchains and what is the position of ETC and Core Geth in that segment.
  5. The Core Geth unique feature of ETC Hash mining.
  6. The Core Geth unique feature of Articulated Configurations.

We left for another interview other unique features that we will talk about, such as MESS, Open RPC, and Parity style tracing logs.

To learn more about Core Geth please go here:

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