ETC Cooperative 2022 Q3 Report

November 17, 2022

We are pleased to share ETC Cooperative's Board Package for Q3.


  • Ongoing Core-Geth development work, with several upstream patches, a fix of consensus bug in Etchash, and improved dialogue between the Core-Geth and Hyperledger Besu clients.
  • Initiated Erigon development work, a Go-Ethereum fork that reduces bloat: Full synchronization on ETC took a few days, and used about 160 GB.
  • Ongoing Hyperledger Besu development work, with 7 releases.
  • Full deployment and launch of Gnosis Safe to ETC mainnet and Mordor testnet: Ethereum Classic Safe
  • Documentation: A website for “Risk Evaluation of 51-Percent Attacks on Ethereum Classic” has been created so the community can further trust the ETC blockchain.
  • Ended September of 2022 with liquid assets, including cash plus $ETC, of over $5.5M USD.
  • Budgeted spending was $414K USD to the end of Q3 but actual spending was only $239K USD.

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