Announcing the New ETC Cooperative Communications Team

November 15, 2022

We are delighted to welcome the four members of our new communications team.

Donald McIntyre - Senior Editor

Donald McIntyre, Senior Editor

Donald is an active member of the Ethereum Classic project, has previously worked at ETCDEV, a previous ETC core development team, founded Etherplan, a website dedicated to ETC research and analysis, and worked at Emerald, an ETC, Bitcoin, and Ethereum blockchain wallet. Donald will be managing our editorial effort, producing content in video, text, and live stream formats, both for the ETC Cooperative online channels and the Ethereum Classic community resources at large.

Andrew Dick - Marketing Manager

Andrew Dick, Marketing Manager

Andrew has worked in the blockchain industry for several years and is a marketing expert in general with over 22 years of experience in the online media, marketing & software industries. He has led and supervised the conception, development, strategy, and marketing of numerous websites and over ten applications. Andrew will be responsible for the marketing plan at the ETC Cooperative in coordination with our communications and editorial efforts.

Angelah Liu - Communications Manager

Angelah Liu, Communications Manager

Angelah has a Masters of Global Affairs degree from the University of Toronto, and experience in Web 3 and cryptocurrency OTC industry. She is fluent in the Chineses language both simplified and traditional. Angela will be managing our communications strategy and channels in addition to translating our editorial and communications content to the Chinese language.

Emma Todd - Events Manager

Emma Todd, Events Manager

Emma is a proof of work mining expert, public speaker, and CEO of MMH Technology Group, a firm that focuses on Data Systems, Blockchain Consulting, Communication and Events for emerging technology organizations. She is Chair of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium’s Mining Committee, and a board member of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium. Emma will be responsible for event's management at the ETC Cooperative. We will be announcing our events plan for 2023 soon.

Ethereum Classic

Donald, Andrew, Angelah, and Emma will be working together with the sole goal of promoting Ethereum Classic as one of the best blockchains in the world, communicating its features and benefits, and fostering its future growth.