ETC Cooperative 2022 Q2 Report

August 24, 2022

We are pleased to share ETC Cooperative's Board Package for Q2.


  • Ongoing Core-Geth development work, with 3 releases.
  • Ongoing Hyperledger development work, with 8 releases.
  • Hugely improved reliability for RPC endpoints with taking on the load.
  • Work on bringing Gnosis Safe to ETC mainnet.
  • Research work by Isaac on ADESS : A Proof of Work Protocol Modification to Deter Double-Spend Attacks and ECIP-1108: TABS: An Experiment with a 2- Dimensional Consensus Scoring Protocol
  • Net income of over $500K USD during the final quarter of Grayscale funding leaving us with a total balance of over $5.5M USD.
  • Budgeted spending was $660K USD to the end of Q2 but actual spending was only $435K USD.

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