ETC Cooperative Discord server

August 15, 2022

The ETC Cooperative is launching an additional Ethereum Classic community Discord server today, to provide an alternative moderated platform for the ETC community. The primary ETC community Discord is very lightly moderated and can often descend into drama and personal attacks. That "light touch" is a very intentional policy from the Discord server owners, and will not be changing.


This new server instance is intended to provide an alternative forum for people who find the noise and drama to be a distraction from building a productive ETC ecosystem, and to provide a more welcoming onramp for new arrivals.


This is an experiment. We will see how it goes.

Welcome to the new ETC Cooperative hosted Ethereum Classic community Discord server.

This server is intended to provide a welcoming environment for all members of the ETC ecosystem, and abusive behaviour and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

The long-standing ETC community Discord server is very lightly moderated and while the “not holds barred” discussion and frequent drama suit some people, they are not for everyone.

This server has been created to provide an alternative.

The hope is that there will be a higher signal to noise ratio here, and that we can provide a better on-boarding experience for new arrivals. It is also often the case that developers do not want the drama either - they want to build useful software.

Everybody is welcome here, but this is a moderated space and unacceptable behaviour will result in suspensions or bans.