Charles Hoskinson joins ETC Coop board

July 8, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Charles Hoskinson has joined the Board of the ETC Cooperative.

Charles was a member of the initial Advisory Board for the ETC Cooperative back in early 2018 and it is a pleasure to welcome him back. Charles brings unique experience and insight to the table.

There are now six board members - Barry Silbert, Cody Burns, Elaine Ou, Roy Zou, Charles Hoskinson and Craig Salm, who is the Chair of the Board.

Charles needs little introduction within the ETC community, given his long-standing support for the ETC ecosystem all the way back to 2016. He laid out IOHK's first commitments in the immediate aftermath of the DAO fork and the birth of ETC.

The Mantis client was originally released in July 2017 after seven months of work from the Grothendieck Team. Development was paused in December 2018 but resumed in late 2020. Mantis is the only ETC-specific client and has by far the largest development team. See the new Mantis website for more details.

Bob and Charles