Staffing Changes

September 16, 2020

Stevan Lohja - Director of Developer Relations

We are delighted to welcome Stevan to the ETC Cooperative.

Stevan is an active member of the Ethereum Classic project, previously contributing to Ethereum Classic under ETCDEV, ETC Labs, and ETC Core. Stevan is a strong advocate for the Ethereum Classic project producing a plethora of technical content to engage the community and played a significant role in core infrastructure Ethereum Classic projects for the past few years.

Kevin Lord - Community Manager

Kevin joined the ETC Cooperative in July in a part-time capacity and is now stepping up into a full-time role.

Kevin has over 5 years of experience working in the digital currency space. He’s an experienced digital media marketer, specializing in communications, and content creation. Previously, he worked in marketing and communications at IOHK where he successfully managed several projects’ social media channels and campaigns, while also serving as community manager. Kevin is passionate about the technology on which platforms like Ethereum Classic are built upon, and believes they create the opportunity for application across many industries. One of his primary areas of focus is community management. He remains focused on developing a long-term expanding, and thriving community for Ethereum Classic.

Farewell to Yaz Khoury


We bid a fond farewell to Yaz Khoury, who served as Director of Developer Relations at ETC Cooperative from October 2018. He wore many hats, both within the ETC Cooperative and in the broader ETC community.

Read more about Yaz's work.

Some 2020 highlights included the migration of all of the ETC Cooperative's infrastucture to Hyperledger Besu, serving as a Vice-Chair of the EEA Testnet Working Group, presenting webinars on Ethereum for the Hyperledger community, working with Connext to set up the first State Channels hub for ETC and successfully migrating the ETC BlockScout instances onto ETC Cooperative infrastructure.

Yaz was also an ECIP editor, an important steward for the ETC protocol and an active and valued member of the ETC community. He will be sorely missed at the ETC Cooperative. We wish him the very best for the future.