Consensus: Distributed - Bob and Yaz speaking

May 6, 2020

Consensus is the leading blockchain conference of the year and the highlight of New York blockchain week. In the height of the Coronovirus pandemic, Consensus 2020 will take a different form than in previous years, as a virtual conference free of charge for participants.

Foundations at Consensus: Distributed

Foundations is a new program within Consensus designed to put the spotlight on thriving blockchain ecosystems. It’s a chance for protocols and projects to design a series of conference sessions specifically aimed at their community: which means developers and other technical contributors as well as the investors, customers and founders.

We are delighted to announce that Ethereum Classic will be participating in the Foundations track of Consensus, with an hour of content devoted to ETC.

That content is planned for Tuesday 12th, 3-4pm Eastern.

What will we be covering in this session?

Bob Summerwill and Yaz Khoury of the ETC Cooperative will be the presenters with Bob presenting a "Changelog" in which he will preview the ETC Phoenix hardfork due in June along with other recent and coming developments in ETC. There will be an extended Q&A session, so bring your ETC questions!

Yaz will then be presenting on development and developer relations.

Join us to find out what is so special about ETC.

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