ETC Cooperative Q1 2020 Transparency Report

April 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of the ETC Cooperative 2020 Q1 Transparency Report.

This is an update on what has been happening at the ETC Cooperative since the 2019 Retrospective.

  • The major event for ETC Cooperative during Q1 was the AGM where months worth of work on governance came to fruition.
  • New website is live, with all those documents and filings available.
  • ETC hardforked to Agharta in January.
  • We are on track for a successful Phoenix hardfork in June, though that has been a hard process, with three different rough consensus points and broken testnets on the way.
  • ETC Coop now hosting BlockScout for ETC, Mordor and Kotti.
  • Connext state channels will be live soon.
  • Whiteblock are working on Keccak256 hash algorithm testing.
  • Bob and Yaz are now both EEA Vice-Chairs for Technical Spec WG and Testnet WG respectively.

See also ETC Coop Goals And Objectives Q1 2020 Update spreadsheet, which tracks progress on the goals we set for 2020 at the AGM.

The mission of the ETC Coop is to steward the development of the Ethereum Classic protocol and to support the growth of a mature ecosystem around that protocol. There are three pillars to this mission:

  • Accelerate adoption of ETC technology by individuals and enterprises through effective branding, marketing and education.
  • Foster collaboration between ecosystem participants including developers, miners, investors, enterprises and end-users.
  • Mature Governance and Transparency – efficient and transparent governance framework, including use of funds.

Here are some important pages on this new website created in Q1 2020: