ETC successfully hardforks to Agharta!

The Ethereum Classic mainnet just successfully upgraded to Agharta at block 9,573,000.  This was 10.26pm on Saturday 11th January here in Vancouver, Canada, 7.26am on Sunday morning in Germany and 2.26pm on Sunday afternoon in Shanghai.

The fork apparently went very smoothly (as expected) with a very high rate of node upgrades for Parity-Ethereum and Multi-Geth.  Most of the Classic Geth nodes were not upgraded (as recommended) and those nodes which were not upgraded are now out of consensus.   My assumption is that many of these were run by node operators who spun up new nodes but kept their Classic Geth nodes running until after the hard-fork when they will be later decommissioned.

We had a great insight into the process this fork due to the https// dashboard.   We did not have so high quality a view for Atlantis and could not accurately even answer the question of how many nodes there were on ETC mainnet.   Thanks to and especially Peter Pratscher for everything.   The dashboard has been a huge win for us and will continue to be immensely useful both during hard-forks and between them.

Best wishes, everyone!

Bob Summerwill, Executive Director, ETC Cooperative