Announcing New Members of The ETC Cooperative

Announcing New Members of The ETC Cooperative

The ETC Cooperative (the “ECC”) was created to financially support the growth and development of Ethereum Classic by funding three key aspects of the ETC ecosystem: development, marketing, and community. To that end the ECC is hiring two new members that will direct ECC funds towards ETC improvements.

Christian Xu (Community Manager, China), and Anthony Lusardi (Director, US) will be joining the ETC Cooperative. Their work out of different geographies is intended to make ETC more open and accessible internationally. Together they will aid development, improve marketing, and foster the community.

  • Aid development by filling in gaps where projects are out of scope for our development teams and providing funding to projects that community members want to create.
  • Improve marketing by communicating ETC’s message and helping newcomers understand the strengths of ETC’s open and decentralized nature.
  • Foster community by making sure the various resources the community uses are well stewarded; this includes websites, social media, forums, and documentation.


About the hires:

Anthony Lusardi will be taking the role of Director, US. He has been contributing to the ETC community since the start. He will continue to support the community in a fair and open way, providing support to users and the ETC ecosystem. Presently he is planning the ETC Summit, helping redesign the ETC website, and looking for more projects to fund in the ETC ecosystem; already talking with a few people and projects!

Christian Xu will be taking the role of Community Manager, China. He has been working as a software engineer for more than 10 years. In 2015, Christian started trading Cryptocurrencies and joined a top digital currency exchange as Quality Director. Christian knows Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industries very well. He will help users get more familiar with ETC and its technologies, sync them with the latest updates and look for support of ETC from different parties.


Get Involved

The ETC community is nothing without its members. In fact IOHK also employs a community manager and they’re further supported by a strong team of volunteers.

If you’d like to get involved please join our forums, check out the ETC website (which we’ll be revamping), and join the ETC Discord to chat.