2018 Mid-Year Review

2018 Mid-Year Review

The ETC Cooperative is committed to supporting community, development, and marketing efforts within the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. Our goal is simply to make ETC better by removing pain points and obstacles that interfere with ETC’s current and future users. We aim to help anywhere (i) tools are not up to snuff, (ii) information is lacking, or (iii) awareness of ETC’s value is not known.

Many aspects of the ETC Cooperative’s operations have significant overlap; for example, improvements to development are often improvements for the community. To better present our efforts over the past 6 months we have divided them into:

  • “Technical Enhancements” – Providing the end-user tools and technical information that is necessary to use ETC.
  • “Community Building” – Providing the information and resources that community members expect.
  • “Outreach” – Reaching out to other Cryptocurrency communities to expand ETC’s reach.

Learn we’ve been up to in these three areas in our full mid-year review.

Get Involved

The ETC community is nothing without its members.

If you’d like to get involved please check out the ETC website, join the ETC Discord to chat, and join our forums.

Website: http://ethereumclassic.org/

Discord: https://discord.gg/HgBa9b4

Forums: https://forum.ethereumclassic.org/